mNotify Bulk Voice Call allows individuals, religious bodies and businesses to simultaneously communicate with as many people as possible. Language is no longer a barrier as you can send our recordings in any language of your choice.

Many people have made use of voice broadcasting, from governmental bodies to businesses and community groups. The system can make multiple outbound calls at a time.

To use our Voice SMS solution, you first have to record your message. 

Log in to your mNotify account and click on "Bulk Calls". 

Using Quick Voice Call: Click on"Bulk Calls" to select "Quick voice calls Upload voice file Enter campaign name Enter phone numbers by either separating numbers with comma or each number on a new line You then select how you entered the numbers Click on "Send Message" 

Using Group Voice call: Check to select "Group of contacts" Check to upload voice file/existing audio Enter campaign name Click on "Send Message" 

Using Excel Voice Call: Click on "Choose file to upload your contacts" Click on choose file to upload audio file Enter campaign name Click on"Send Message"