• Firstly Record your message. 
  • Log in to your mNotify account and click on "Bulk Calls". 


      Using Quick Voice Call 

  • Click on"Bulk Calls" to select "Quick voice calls. 
  • Upload voice file, Enter campaign name, Enter phone numbers by either separating numbers with comma or each number on a new line.
  • You then select how you entered the numbers and click "Send Message".


      Using Group Voice call

  • Check to select "Group of contacts" .
  • Check to upload voice file/existing audio
  •  Enter campaign name Click on "Send Message" .
  • Using Excel Voice Call: Click on "Choose file to upload your contacts" Click on choose file to upload audio file. 
  • Enter campaign name Click on"Send Message".

For an extension walkthrough of Voice Messaging System please click here.