You will find that SMS marketing benefits your insurance agency in a number of ways. It is certainly beneficial when you want to add more customers to the list, but it can also be used as an effective form of communication between those who are already utilizing your insurance coverage and as such using Excel Messaging should be thought.

 Having excel notification features allows users to include more than just the names of the individuals in the message, but also include any information  that is unique to the group of users. E.g. names, position, date of birth, amount if any etc.

  • Insurance companies can use it to send reminders by keeping customers up-to date with their policies. 
  • Messages can as well be sent to notify customers on progress of their applications. 
  • Since insurance companies help consumers manage their risk in exchange for a constant stream of premiums, insurance companies offer to pay consumers a sum of money upon the occurrence of a predetermined event, it is important to update customers through messaging on any upcoming promotions and special offers.
  •  A survey or questionnaire as form of sms can be sent to all existing customers, this will help gather feedback on your service and how it can be improved for better customer satisfaction. 
  • With contacts gathered in excel, sms can be used to follow up on old customers and offer them better value service than your competitor. 
  • Send an advance notification of the next payment due under the insurance agreement and renewal update to customers. 
  • After payment send sms to inform customers on their transactions and at the same time send out appointments reminders to clients.