“We are rapidly getting to the point where the single most important medium that people have is their wireless (mobile) device. It’s with them every single moment of the day. It’s genuinely the convergence box that everyone has been talking about for so many years.

Good communication help to reduce the barriers erected because of language and cultural differences. 

Most organizations and institutions in Ghana use SMS as a communication tool.

Excel notification allows users to include more than just the names of the individuals in the message, but also include any information that is unique to the group of users. Excel messaging features include names, position, date of birth, email address and amount if any etc.

  • Excel messaging can be used in the educational sector to send notice of exam schedules and changes to parent and students. 
  • School administrators can as well use excel to send messages to parents about fee payment as soon as it is paid by them or children. 
  • Schools can take the advantage of the excel messaging to send reminders and schedule of parent teacher meetings.
  • Monthly test and yearly term results can be announce through SMS. 
  • Universities and colleges can use excel messaging to send reminders of important dates such as holidays, exams session and providing link   to grade or course information. 
  • An SMS can be sent as a reminder to parents about outstanding fees.
  • Birthday messages can be sent to staff members upon the data gathered on them.